Commercial Liability & Indemnity Insurance

  • No Matter the Business, We've Got You Covered
    No Matter the Business, We've Got You Covered
  • Restaurants, Eateries & Bars
    Restaurants, Eateries & Bars
  • Auto Mechanic & Auto Body Repair Shops
    Auto Mechanic & Auto Body Repair Shops
  • Tow Truck Operations
    Tow Truck Operations
  • Landlord & Commercial Property Insurance
    Landlord & Commercial Property Insurance
  • Long & Short Haul Trucking
    Long & Short Haul Trucking


For over 35 years Jack E. Gilbert Insurance has specialized in covering every insured, for every commercial liability (or almost any) need. Our focus on being a “one stop shop” means that we have carriers to represent almost any insurance coverage, even and especially niche industries.


Contact JEG for a quote for any of the following, or virtually anything else you need covered:

  • Auto Dismantling Services and Yards

  • Tow Truck Services, including filings for CHP Rotations

  • Garage Liability and Garage Keepers Packages

  • Auto Body Repairs Shops and Mechanical Repair Shops

  • Bonds, including Dealer and Surety bonds

  • General and Liability Insurance for Landlords, Restaurants and other commercial properties

  • Contractor’s Liability and Equipment Insurance

  • Property Insurance (to protect your assets)

For Workmans Compensation, click here for more information or your free quote.