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Loss History Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Loss History FAQ   What IS “loss history”? Loss History, also called Loss Runs, Historical Claims Information, Claims History or Customer Claims Experience is to your insurance what your Motor Vehicle Record (DMV printout) is to your personal driving license.  The claims, or incidents in which your carrier paid out on your behalf, are listed, …

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So You Want to Start a Limousine Business….

SO YOU WANT TO START A LIMOUSINE BUSINESS….   Info You Need to Know Before you Buy a Limousine Not much can be as rewarding as being in charge of your own fate by owning your own business.  Not much can be as challenging or confusing either.  Every business owner will experience their own set of …

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Newsletter Vol. 1

Newsletter Vol 1 <-click here to read this article Section Titles: Expiration Expertise To TNC or Not to TNC? Inside Scoop

Insurance Terms Explained (vol. 1)

Talk Shop with JEG: Learn to ‘Speak’ Insurance  While insurance terminology can be technical and specific, understanding phrases and terms used by carriers in your policy is vital for every insured.  Our Talk Shop Series is meant to help bridge the gap between insurance professionals, and professionals requiring insurance.    Vol. 1 Insurance Term(s) – …

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